Friday, October 12, 2012

24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell 2012!!

24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell 2012!!!

This year was an awesome year at 24HHH. Nate and his partner set a new record of routes climbed in 24 hours. They climbed 310 routes, that's 13,370 feet of vertical sandstone.
Sarah and her partner scooped up the number 2 and 3 spots for the Advanced Female Division, with 161 routes climbed and 7,220 feet.

It rained this year which was a huge struggle but all of the climbers overcame the difficulties and continued to climb in the rain, still breaking records even with terrible weather. This year had the most talented climbers yet with over 40 climbers completing 100 or more personal routes in 24 hours.

Nate and his partner Jeremy Collins.

Sarah and her partner Rachel Bryan.

The competitors getting the rules.

270 competitors this year.

 Jeremy giving the "Climbers Creed"!

"Partner, Don't drop me!"


Sarah got 2nd this year.

 Sarah cruising up Ace in the hole, 5.10 after 22 hours.

Still psyched even after the 24 hour beat down.

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