Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pebble Wrestle Competition at HCR

Yesterday was the third annual  Pebble Wrestle at Horseshoe Canyon Ranch, AR, put on by Dynamic Earth.  The event is a fundraiser for the Arkansas Climbers Coalition.  Dynamic Earth was able to raise over $1,100. There were tons of climbers there and we had a blast.

Justin Frase on Long Board(V8). Justin was the first to discover and develop this perfect boulder called Undertow.

Another angle of Long Board.

 The after-party with the excellent Springfield band, The Seed. Lead member Lance Sitton also happens to be a very strong boulderer.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Arkansas in March

We got a little break from Austin the past week and have spent some time at "Sam's Throne" in North Arkansas. Nate was psyched to work on his project called Bereavement that was recently freed by Scott Fitzgerald in late January(formerly Dreadlock Rasta). Sarah started to work on a route called November Daze. The weather held up pretty good with rain here and there but overall it was great. 

Both of us were soooooo close to red-pointing our routes. We were so close that we know the next go at them will be it.


Anyone heard of the TV show "American Ninja Warrior"? Nate got a call from a buddy from high school who works with the show and invited us to help them set up the obstacle course and then test it before the show!

Pretty random but we decided it would be a blast so off we go to Dallas for NINJA WARRIOR!!!

Great view of the Throne from the overlook.

Awesome sandstone (Sarah's favorite stone to climb on)

Nate with his project, Bereavement.

View from below... the Rasta.

Sarah with her project November Daze.

November Daze.

 View from within the "Catacombs" the walk down to the base of Sams.

Awesome sunset sitting on the cliffs edge.