Tuesday, October 1, 2013

24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell 2013: Jasper, AR

Sarah and Rachel ready to go

Natalie and Charmagne

Amanda and Emily, or the "Be-langadesh Babes"

 Andy giving the rules

Climbers Creed: "Partner, the day has finally arrived..."

"Partner, I chose you not for thine skill, but for thine determination and thine will..."

"my belay hand lie in wait for your divine ascents..." (Bryan and Joseph)

"You partner are the scabbard and I am the sword..." (Dick and Natalie)

"and yet our knots are not yet knotted, it is better to check thy knot than not..." (Calvin and Craig)

"Partner, thou must not freaking drop me..." (Everett and Luke)

They're off!

Pretty sure all these people were headed to Ren and Stimpy

Jeremy and Dylan

The chaos at Ren and Stimpy

A helpful volunteer is catching Craig here as he lowers

Rob and Stephen getting started are their incredibly difficult set

Sarah in the zone

Something you normally don't see at the crag

24HHH brings lots of odd things to the crag


Sarah contemplating her 100th route!

Post comp

overworked hands

overworked feet

Sarah and Rachel took 1st Place Advanced Team and 1st Place Women's Team overall