Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Chandler Mountain Challenge

Our latest Adventure!!

The Chandler Mountain Challenge at Horse Pens 40 in Steele Alabama. 

HP40 was awesome. We had spoken about going there but the opportunity never arose until now. The slopers and style of the climbing was so bazaar but so fun!  

Solid Rock Climbers for Christ has started to put on a climbing benefit called the Chandler Mountain Challenge raising funds for "Climb up so kids can grow up" an organization that helps kids with AIDS in Africa. This year the climbers raised over a 1000 dollars!!

Our new friend Trent on Bum Boy V3

Sarah getting on Bum Boy, such strange climbing!

Sarah almost got Bum Boy but fell at the top.

Nate on a crazy hard V4, sloper madness!

Nate on Mortal Combat V4/5, very scary!

Nate got it after a couple go's (had to get used to the fall).

Timm Crushing on the slopers!

Our view on the ride home

We had such a great time in HP40. Can't wait until we can return!

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  1. You guy's are awesome. Can't wait to see you again.